Atari Falcon Chipset

CHIP Progress Remarks CHIP-Notation (Original)
CPU 100% MC68030
CPUDebugging 0% MC68030
COMBEL 80% Testing postponed C302995
VIDEL 50% C302829
Falcon DMA 20% C302996
DSP 0% DSP56001
FPU 0% Coprocessor for the 68K30 MC68882

Atari ST/STE Chipset

CHIP Progress Remarks CHIP-Notation (Original)
GLUE 100% STE functions tested. CO25915
MMU 100% STE functions tested. CO25912
Shifter 100% STE functions tested. CO25914
Blitter 100%   CO101643
DMA 100%   CO25913
Floppy-Controller 100%   WDC1772
Multifunction-Port 100%   MC68901
ACIA 100%   MC6850P
Sound 100%   YM2149
CPU 100% Completely tested MC68000
SHADOW 100% Stacy, STBook CO101775

The implemented functions of the STE compatible IP core comprise the following hardware. For the tests there is some software required capable to drive the listed hardware.

Topic Implemented Tested
Joyport 0 yes yes
Joyport 1 yes yes
Buttons yes yes
Lightpen yes no
Paddle 0 yes yes
Paddle 1 yes yes
Paddle 2 yes yes
Paddle 3 yes yes
DMA-Soundmodul yes yes
Microwire Interface yes Testbench → ok.
Vertical Finescrolling yes yes
Horizontal Finescrolling yes yes
Palette Register (Colours) yes yes
Real Time Chip Logic yes yes